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The Last Jedi

Sunday, April 16th, 2017

Already dying to see this over the xmas break

Shrinky Dinks – Christmas Ornaments

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

It’s Christmas time, and with it, comes Christmas trees and Christmas ornaments. This year I decided to make some ornaments using Shrinky Dink paper. You can purchase the paper at a decent size art supply store, or you can order it online. The kind I got was made for inkjet printing.

We have some pre-existing illustrated characters of ourselves here at Condensed already, but I asked Kim, one of our artist, to make a few more designs. I have done a few similar projects before, with varying results, this time was no different. I had thought that printing was the easy part, but getting the right color and saturation was a little tricky, since the colors can get more saturated after the shrinking has taken place.


After printing, you have to trim it to a nice smooth shape, and punch a hole (before the shrinking) so that you can thread it later. Now the paper usually comes with some instructions and tips and all that, like what surface it should be on, and how to keep it from curling, and temperature and time it should be in the oven, and so on. Well, they had sorta suggest that I could use heavy cardboard to help with the curling, but me being a little ambitious, try to do shrink three ornaments at a time. Lets just say, things didn’t go well at first. I set some of the cardboard on fire, and some ornaments came out a bit brown and toasty, and some got folded onto itself. One other factor is timing. Below is a photo of what happens when you pull it out before the whole thing gets to shrink.

After I changed strategies and equipment a little, and slowed it down, they started to come out nearly perfect. The image below shows how much they shrink by.

Eventually, enough of them came out well enough to be used.


Here some are hanging on a Christmas tree. Happy Holidays!